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Bookkeeping Services

We can take full control of invoicing, receive payments, preparing deposits, and collections. Data entry of bills, bank and credit card transactions, accounts payable, checks preparation and printing, reconcile bank and credit card statements. Financial Reports: Edit reports of Profit & Loss or income statements, Trial Balance, Balance Sheets.
Closing business books on a monthly, quarterly & yearly.
We modify our services to our client's needs.

Our firm has experience handling accounting matters pertaining Bookkeeping issues. Regardless of our clients operation, we can seamlessly step in and take responsibility for their accounting and tax obligations. It can be confusing and challenging trying to handle these issues alone. Don’t take any financial chances, call us today for the best advice.
We care about making sure our clients’ finances are in order so they can focus on developing their business. We provide our services to many businesses, both large and small, in the Financial Transaction Entry industry. It does not matter how simple or complex your bookkeeping is, we can help. Be in touch today.

Payroll Services

We provide payroll serviced that are design with our clients in mind. Payroll is one of the most crucial functions of an accounting program. It is also the least understood and the most difficult to clean up after the fact. All businesses should take their payroll seriously. Utilize our payroll service with the knowledge and skills to handle this crucial task.
Time Sheet Calculator & Entry, Payroll Runs – Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly.
Paychecks Printing or Direct Deposit.
Federal and State Tax Payments.
Federal and State Payroll Tax Returns - IRS Forms Quarterly 941 and Annual 940 and 944, End of the year Employees W -2 Forms, EDD Forms Quarterly DE9 and DE9c processed timely and accurately.
Unlimited telephone support.
Client's rest assured that their payroll is in good hands and that it will be handled on time and accurately.

QuickBooks Setup & Training

Company File Setup and Repairs
We would start by analyzing client business needs, set-up company file, chart of accounts (includes bank accounts, asset accounts, liability accounts and equity accounts), item, payment methods, customer, and vendor list. Create invoice, estimates, sales receipt, daily's receipts, purchase order and sales order templates. Repairs would be similar to the setup, but it would take a longer time.

QuickBooks Training
Our base training to our clients uses QuickBooks to it's highest capacity.
We train clients to add items, inventory list, add accounts to chart accounts, invoice, input received payments, make deposits, cut and print checks, print deposit slips. Reconcile bank statements, credit card statements, and liability accounts.
We modify QuickBooks to work for clients' particular business. Modifications on invoices, sales receipts and reports for specific needs.

Tax Services

Federal and State Tax Preparation for Individuals, Partnerships, LLP, LLC, Corporations, and Trusts. We will work with our clients to assess your situation and determine the best course of action. Whether it is for individual or business needs, we’ll help to minimize your tax liability and efficiently manage your financial books.

Other Tax Services:
Sales Tax Returns, Federal, and EDD Payroll, forms 940, 941, Employee's.W2, DE6, DE9, DE9c, and DE88.
Data Entry and prepare Forms 1099 & Form 1096.
City Business Taxes for a different type of Industries and cities.
Statement of Information to Secretary of State.
Other State Tax forms.
Consultation on business management, support, open communication with Accountant or CPA, preparation for Taxes for Induviual, LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation and Trusts.

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